Euta Industrial Limited
, established in 1973, a plastic factory with specialties in capsuled toys and promotional items. A full line of Optical products began in 1995, distributing Eyeglass Cases, Lens Cleaners, Pocket Screwdrivers, to major customers around the world including North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, direct from our production line in China.

With years of experience in manufacturing and export, we have been a member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and recognized by the Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association for the past 20 years. New for 2007, we are proud to introduce a production line for Jewellery boxes, Cosmetic bags, and other related products. Production and offices in Hong Kong have expanded to highly trained, highly motivated, artistic teams in China, using the most up-to-date modern equipment to create the styles, colours, and patterns for each of our individual customers.

At Euta Industrial Limited, our packaging is your presentation – together, we can make a product that is both marketable and attractive while keeping up with today’s fashions, trends and patterns. To achieve excellent quality at affordable prices, we have in place, the tightest quality control in our production line. A complete inspection of all goods before packing and delivery are performed by our Quality Assurance management team. Personal attention to customer needs and after-sales service is at the highest standard set at Euta Industrial Limited.

We are currently producing Eyeglass cases for major clothing lines, Eyeglass frame manufacturers, and well-known department stores from around the world that you may recognize. Bring your ideas to life, bring us your logo and we can produce unique, everlasting eyeglass cases as your road to successful marketing.

For your immediate needs, contact us at: Tel (852) 2328-6180, Fax (852) 2321-1675, E-mail or visit us at Room 2301, 23/F, Well Tech Centre, 7-9 Pat Tat Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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